Transforming Renters Into Buyers

Homeownership initiative for Single Moms
(6 week program )

Single Moms Cohort

CSE is a company founded by a single mom with the intention, focus  and intent to empower other independent women to achieve homeownership and create generational wealth opportunities for both themselves and their children.

$25 Membership Fee

Ready to invest in yourself or sponsor a single mom?

(No refunds-good for one year) 

Vision Planning

Vision planning is your road map to success. It’s visualizing where you want to be and creating a plan to help you achieve that goal by a certain date. We will refer you to resources and information to help self empower you to achieve your objectives.

Financial Preparation /Credit Review

Financial Preparation and Credit review is where we take a realistic view of your current financial situation. There’s no judgment or shame – this is all done in love and support. In order to obtain financing we need to help you reach a certain point for certain loans & assistance. In order to do that we need to access your starting point and do a initial review. Depending upon your circumstances, we may make suggestions or recommendations to work with a credit counselor, homeownership advisor or take self guided financial course.

First Time Homebuyer Info Session

First time homebuyer information sessions are designed to teach you about the process of buying a home, what to expect and how to navigate the market with your CSE Realtor. There are many steps to the home buying process, the info sessions are to help you understand and prepare.

Rent to Own Info Sessions

The rent to own information sessions are available as an option & resource for clients who may not be able to purchase now but for personal reasons want to live in their dream home now while working on credit and other criteria needed to get a mortgage loan. CSE partners with Divvy Homes for Rent to Own options. We are Divvy certified.

Lender Assignment

CSE partners with several financial institutions, firms and banks. Based on your personal needs, financial profile and background we will recommend lenders for your review. You do not have to work with any lenders we recommend, however we do suggest you shop around for the right program for you.

One on One Monthly Meetings with Corissa

Corissa will be your advocate, your confidant and accountability partner on this path. The meetings are designed to build repore, strengthen, empower and support you through the process. Answer questions, talk about concerns and provide feedback and advice where necessary. Whatever you need in that moment to reach your goal—this is the space for the conversation.

The wait list to join the Single Moms Cohort is now open.

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