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Corissa Sutton Enterprises LLC (CSE)

Is a proud minority woman-led real estate firm based in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region, extending its services to the neighboring suburbs. With a core focus on serving individuals and families, CSE specializes in buying, selling, investment strategies, and rent-to-own options for homes. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to uplifting the community by promoting homeownership. Through empowerment, education, and unwavering support, we aim to pave the path for a brighter, self-sustained future for our clients.

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Mission Statement for CSE:

Single Moms Cohort - Homeownership initiative for Single Moms.

CSE Homeownership Initiative is an empowerment platform designed to provide solutions to single mothers and mompreneurs. At CSE, we help members tap into their strength, courage, and personal power to help them plan , prepare and become homeowners.

Core Areas

Self-Empowerment & Pathways to Home Ownership

Belief System

Corissa Sutton Enterprises believes strongly in the “CSE – Trickle Down Impact ” which is our concept that if we uplift and support a (single) mom, the benefits of that support will trickle down to the children. CSE is an empowerment platform that encourages Single Moms and Mompreneurs to operate in the most authentic version of themselves.

Corissa Sutton Enterprises

formally known as The Powherhouse Mom

Is an empowerment platform utilizing coaching and solutions designed to strengthen and empower single moms and momprenuers. We utilize programs such as Self Empowerment & Pathways to Home Ownership  to validate, edify and bring opportunities to women who are overcoming obstacles, facing hardships & losses.


The mission of our brand is to empower, educate and promote generational wealth opportunities through homeownership for individuals, families, single parent households and  communities of color. We seek to bridge the housing gap , empower renters, create affordable housing opportunities and improve housing equality across the Metropolitan Area. 

Core Areas

Pathway to Homeownership

Single Moms Co-hort

Single Moms Co-hort is a (pilot) program with the mission to empower independent mothers in to Homeownership.

Corissa Sutton Enterprises LLC (CSE) is focusing on building out its Single Mom Homeownership Initiative.

The program is designed to encourage, empower and promote single mothers to become homeowners. The benefits of homeownership will impact their lives and their children’s lives.

CSE was established in 2021 originally as The Powherhouse Mom LLC. Our mission, values and business ethics remain unchanged. 

We are an empowerment platform designed to provide solutions to individuals and families. 

We provide homeownership services, single parent household supports and one on one empowerment services.


Who you choose to represent you in a real estate Transaction matters.

For me, it’s not just about how many houses I’ve sold, market trends and mortgage rates etc . The real value is in skill level, professionalism education, business ethics, proven expertise and experience.

For example

“I am a Community member with a real estate license. I use my license to not just buy and sell real estate, I use it to empower, educate and promote homeownership and empower renters.”

-Corissa Sutton

Corissa has a unique background with an array of transferable skills which are utilized to help each client with their buy, sell, invest and rent to own needs.

Meet the team

Arianna Williams, also known as “Ari” was born and raised in the Minneapolis Metropolitan area of the Twin Cities. She is currently taking online Real Estate courses at Kaplan to become a Realtor. She is eager to be an Agent herself to create paths towards building a future for herself and her son, while also breaking generational barriers & creating pathways to homeownership. She is especially passionate about the uprise in young adults becoming successful through positive life changing decisions, such as home ownership.

Ari has a wide range background of many skills that were acquired through school & different job experiences. That includes; Computer knowledge, sales, photography and, strong leadership roles. She spent 2 years on a board committee with a Nonprofit organization called The Link, working on juvenile justice acts in the community and overseeing programs for the youth. She has education & work experience in the Mental health sector & Psychology field.

Ari is a critical thinker, digital creator and, self love & mental health advocate. When she is not working, she is spending quality time with her son, Braylen and pouring into her other business ventures.

CSE is grateful to have Ari on our team.

Arianna Williams

Executive Assistant & CSE Associate
Corissa Sutton Enterprises LLC