Transforming Renters Into Buyers


A Survivors Guide:
Your First Year in Real Estate

How to supplement what they don’t teach you in Real Estate School.

Written by Corissa Sutton

This book is written for new agents, aspiring realtors and/or seasoned agents who want a new perspective in the business.

If you are new to real estate or if you are picking this book up as pre-license material , just know– like with any new job or career change that you have ever made or will make, the first thing you will want to do is  make sure this career path is truly a good fit for you. No matter what you think you know about the business—just remember there is no easy quick fix to a successful career in real estate.

I say that because HGTV and all the famous Real Estate listing shows tend to glamorize the real estate profession, showing all the nice high price points, high commissions and the glitz & glitter of a successful seasoned agent. The truth is, year one is ground zero. Be prepared to live, breathe, eat and sleep real estate because this profession requires you to grind with everything you have (blood, sweat and yes sometimes tears) to reach that high level of success in your real estate career.

What you put IN your business/career is what you will get OUT of it.

Year one is the foundation of your business. Much like building a house, look at the first year as making sure you are firmly positioned in the soil to withstand the environment.  You will go through things that will build your character, your confidence, your credibility and all of it will help you learn to stay mentally fit throughout the business.

Let this book become a guide and a tool to building a strong, firm, steady first year that will eventually firmly position you in the business to withstand the years to come.

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